Punch King

5Ft - 120lb Punch King Heavy Punching Bag V2.0

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Our newest version heavy bag is made from mix of real leather and highest quality P/U leather shell is extremely tough and resilient, yet economical. It also has a new upgraded 3 point hanging system to allow for maximum focus on the main striking sections. Manufactured for the rigors of gym or home use. Professionally packed with shredded poly fiber material, balanced center weight and foam rubber inside liner to keep cylindrical shape and alleviate settling. Ultra strong nylon-reinforced seams and top hanging D-rings to last and last. 

  • 120 lbs. (15" x 60")
  • Heavy Bag can be purchased:
    -Filled - Bags come 90% filled with additional filling packed in the packaging
    -Unfilled- Bags come unfilled and will needed to be filled with customer own filling and sand bags

***Disclaimer - This product is shipped 3/4 filled with remaining filling provided in the shipping packaging that must be used to to fill the rest of the bag completely at the top.  We used this method to keep the shipping costs for this large oversized item low. If the bag is not properly filled it can cause strain on the straps and stitching when it is hung and it will VOID the warranty of the bag.   WARRANTY 

Please view our product demos:

Bag Filling - https://youtu.be/QKvz6DNxyko

Bag Hanging - https://youtu.be/1q_4ZJ6r6Gg


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