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The Punch King punching bag helps improve personal and well-being. It’s used among professional boxers, adults, and children. Training on a punching bag is surprisingly very physically demanding on the body.

Punching bag workouts have several incredible health benefits, so this regimen is an excellent complement to your home gym or commercial gym. You can implement this training in your daily workouts to stay motivated, healthy, energetic, and improve your overall sense of well-being. The Punch King Punching Bag adds a layer of benefits with its targeting punching points that enhances and provides a more intense workout

In order to get the most out of it, it’s important to have a lot of variety in your workouts to keep your training enjoyable and to keep you from doing the same thing over and over again.

Keeping a variety and trying out new workouts is the key to keeping yourself on track.

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The Punch King bag combines the ability to perform multiple target strikes such as hooks, elbow's, uppercut's and knee's all in one bag.  in order to achieve all the targeted strikes the Punch King bag offers. It will take over 5 pieces of gym equipment at over $1200 and not to mention the amount of space save using just one bag.

"Plain and Simple the best bag on the Market hands down!"

Cung Le

Former multiple #combatsport world champion & #UFC fighter. Current actor, producer, stunt director & martial artist.

"This bag will change the way you train. You can see how this bags differentiates itself from the others. It helps with your precision, timing and accuracy"

Grand Master Harry Mok

Actor, Producer, Stunt Coordinator

"I wish I had this bag when I was trainning - Genius!  Modern Bag for Modern Gyms"

Johnny "WarKwanDo" Warren

5 Time Multi Division Kickboxing Champ

"This is the new Standard for punching bags!"

Brady Huang

Bantomweight MMA URCC Champion

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Punch King Animated Punching Bag Demo