Improve Self-Defense Skills for All Ages

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Self-defense is an essential skill for anyone to learn. It’s like a fire extinguisher: hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but it could end up saving your life. Luckily there are tons of ways to learn and practice self-defense, whether by learning a formal martial arts style or simply practicing the basic skills in your home gym. At Punch King, we’re big fans of MMA and Muay Thai, in particular, but any style of martial art, even boxing, can be more than adequate in preparing you for a physical encounter.

Strange as it may seem for us to say, the first and best form of self-defense is de-escalation. Being able to defuse a situation and avoid fighting at all is itself a victory: physical confrontations should always be a last resort. When talking them down or removing yourself from the situation aren’t options, fighting off an attacker becomes critical. Self-defense is a matter of life and death; there are no rules except “win at all costs,” and that means fighting dirty to stay alive.

Being prepared to do whatever it takes to defend oneself means lots of training and practice. For obvious reasons, though, it’s difficult to really practice the all-out dirty-fighting kind of self-defense that a real-world situation would call for. That’s why a self-defense training bag is such a crucial tool. Women and children, especially, should be prepared to deal with an attacker bigger, heavier, and stronger than themselves. A hanging heavy bag for defense training is the perfect thing to provide strength and cardio training while also giving the opportunity to practice a variety of strikes and attacks.

Not every self-defense punching bag is up to the task, however: normal smooth-sided cylindrical punching bags just don’t provide the necessary feedback and muscle memory for proper self-defense training. The Punch King Punching Bag, on the other hand, was specifically designed with contoured strike zones to mimic the human body, while still giving all the advantages of a traditional heavy bag. Whether at home or in a commercial gym, the Punch King is the perfect punching bag for youth or adult hand to hand combat training because of its revolutionary design features and rugged, pro-quality construction.

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