Become the Kickboxer You Want to Be

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Kickboxing is, perhaps, the most underrated combat sport: it’s the foundation and predecessor of mixed martial arts, and a long-practiced tradition in its own right. Kickboxing doesn’t have the prestige or mass appeal of hands-only boxing, but still cultivates in its practitioners a skillset that’s more useful and applicable in real-world self-defense situations. Of course it’s also true that kickboxing is a great form of exercise for general fitness. Many people practice non-contact cardio kickboxing as a fitness routine, but traditional combat-focused kickboxing is certainly a rigorous workout as well.

Although there are many styles of kickboxing, perhaps the most popular kind of kickboxing is Muay Thai, which literally means “Thai kickboxing.” Muay Thai has gained international popularity over the last few decades, not least because many successful MMA fighters either began as Muay Thai trainees or continued to practice the style throughout their MMA careers. But the history of Muay Thai is a long one – much longer than standard Western kickboxing, which only really took hold in the mid-20th century. Muay Thai, on the other hand, has flourished in Thailand since the 1700s.

Regardless of the particular style of kickboxing you practice, you need a quality kickboxing punching bag. A good hanging bag makes the difference between getting some exercise and real, effective training. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place: the Punch King Punching Bag is the best kickboxing training bag you’ll find, because everything about it has been carefully designed for combat sport training.

The Punch King Punching Bag is the perfect kickboxing heavy bag because of its high quality construction, affordable price point, and most of all its unique strike zone sculpting. There’s no substitute for live combat, but bag training is still a fundamental part of becoming a better fighter. So get the best of both worlds: the Punch King lets you train your strikes on a human analogue while still getting the benefits of a heavy bag’s feedback and resistance. Whether you practice Muay Thai, American kickboxing, Adithada, or any other variety, we know one of our high tech punching bags will revolutionize your training.